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Book Review: How to be Interesting

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Book Review by Dennis George, M.S., LPC

How to Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

By (author) Jessica Hagy

Today you can learn how to do just about anything by watching a YouTube video. But what if you just want to find out how to be interesting? No YouTube for that! Instead, try this book.

The author, Jessica Hagy, presents the case that to be interesting you need to get out of your comfort zone. She explores ten simple steps to achieve that goal. Here are a few examples of those steps: Embrace Your Weirdness, Hop Off the Bandwagon, and Grow a Pair!

As you can tell from these chapter titles, the book is written with humor and quirkiness. That quirkiness will keep you interested and that humor will make you laugh to yourself (or maybe out loud). “How To Be Interesting” is filled with charts and graphs and drawings presented in a fun, obtuse, yet educational manner.

I’m not sure who Author Nagy had in mind when writing this book, but I have a few ideas. Anyone who is bored with their life can read this book, follow its lead, and begin to have more adventure. Introverts, who want to venture a little further out into our extroverted world, can read this and strengthen their confidence. If you just ended a relationship, this book can get you back on track for your new life. Finally, read this book if you just want to see a different, and funny, perspective on life.

Therapists can certainly use this book for ideas of new approaches with their clients. I know I will!

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